Thursday, June 10, 2010

RV refrigerator hot weather tips

Hot weather can spell trouble for RV refrigerators. Summer is rapidly approaching and warmer temperatures are already giving RV refrigerators a workout. Here are some recommendations to help you get the most out of this important RV appliance.

For starters, give the frig some shade. If your RV awning covers the side of the RV where your refrigerator is located, you're in luck. Make sure the awning is deployed during the time the sun shines directly on the refrigerator side. If your refrigerator is on a different side than your awning, you can make your own temporary shade with a tarp.

Another tip is to blow out the back of the refrigerator cabinet with compressed air. This will remove cob webs, wasps nests, leaves, dust and any other debris that may have collected there during the year.You may want to consider installing a small fan to help ventilate the refrigerator compartment. Many folks install "muffin" fans used to cool computers. The fans help expel hot air while pulling cool air into the compartment. Your refrigerator will love you for this. I installed an external fan control switch so I didn't have to remove the vent cover every time I wanted to turn on the fan. These units are also available as a kit from your local RV store.Minimize the number of times you open the door. Don't just stand there with the door wide open scrounging for a snack. Think about what you want before you open the door and get it all at once.

Keeping your freezer defrosted is vital for optimum refrigerator performance. Ice build-up in the freezer compartment decreases the efficiency of your refrigerator and raises the temperature inside the refrigerator compartment. Another idea is to install a small battery operated fan inside the refrigerator. This will help circulate air and keep everything uniformly cold. If you stuff the middle shelf with containers and plastic bags, you essentially block the cold air from moving down to items on the lower shelves which may lead to food spoilage.

Helping your RV refrigerator keep its cool - Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing


Mick said...

a tip i have learnt from "Down Under" is to line your shelves with thin aluminium (alloy?) or change them to solid aluminium shelves. They will then hold the cold much longer, just remember to leave room for the air to circulate at the back of them - cheers mick

philton said...

The biggest problem I see is the Refrigerators that are installed in the slide out protion of the coach. Because most RV Refrigerators are Absorption Type, they require sufficent air flow to remove the heat that builds up in the compartment behind the Refrigerator. Most Mfg's are installing a fan that operates by a thermostat. It is a good idea to make sure the fan is operating as it is supposed to. We have had several mfg's that have improperly installed the upper vent on the side wall of the slide out. I've seen a few that the upper vent is mounted below the condenser. The proper place is above the condenser with a baffel placed so the heat cannot collect above the Refrigerator. The bad thing here lately is that with a lot of RV Mfg closing up shop, it leaves the consumer with the cost of correcting their problem.

Anonymous said...

Another very good idea is to tear out the old piecie of junk gas refer and kick it out the door. Install a 12 volt 110 volt electric unit. As for the gas unit take it out to the gun range or other suitable place and shoot the damn piecie of shit full of holes. I mean all gas refers should have this done to. They are nothing but exspensive piecies of royal shit.

Darl said...

I had to stay in Yuma the whole summer and I was having problem With the refer not cooling. After trial and error I came up with a system, the hotter it gets, the cooler the refer. First put insulation on the top and as far down on the back as you can go. On the inside, If the bottom of the refer is 40°, the top is 55-60°. Most of the heat is coming in from the top. Go to and order 2ea (34463 GAMMA 30 BLOWER) for $12.50 ea. Put 1 in the top under the vent cover blowing out, put the 2nd one at the bottom blowing up across the pipes. If its 110 or less, only turn the top one on, if over 110° turn both on. Refer inside will stay at 32°. Its been up to 118° here. Hotter it gets, the cooler the refer.

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