Thursday, May 20, 2010

U-bake pizza storage RV style

Let's face it, most RVs have small refrigerators, at least when you compare them to standard house models. Some upscale motorhome makers are installing house model refrigerators and some RVers have replaced their RV refrigerator with a standard house model. If you stay with the typical RV refrigerator that operates on both propane and electricity, you will be cramped for space.

I've had to get creative when it comes to storing the foods I like. For instance, I often take prepackaged foods out of their box so I can store more in the freezer. I also make use of the zip type plastic food storage bags to conserve space. The problem comes when you try to store large or irregular shaped items.

To store an extra large U-bake pizza, cut the pie into four pieces. Place each slice on a paper plate, stack them and cover with plastic cling wrap. When I'm ready to bake, I can reassemble the beast or cook it one piece at a time.

Perhaps you have some unique ideas for how to store food in your RV refrigerator that would be helpful information to our readers. Please take a few minutes and leave a comment about how you maximize your RV refrigerator space.

Handing out RV ideas one slice at a time - Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing


Rae said...

I have been blessed with an extra large Norcold fridge. I have never come close to running out of fridge space, no matter how many days worth of groceries I have stocked up (provided I kept some beer in the pantry *g*), but I have come close to running out of freezer space ( Removing packaging is definitely the way to go as it enables you to fill every little nook and cranny.

One word of advice--be careful how you store packages that are flexible when not frozen but which can change shape once frozen. I put a large bag of shredded cheese in the freezer door compartment. When I went to get some cheese a few days later, the cheese had settled at the bottom of the bag and was now wedged in behind the bar that keeps things from falling out. It was quite a job getting that bar out of the way without damaging anything!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, never put anything that changes shape behind those bars or you have a heck of a time getting them out again...

In our household (house) we use zipbags to break down large packages of food into meals, but we also take those 3 and 5 pounds of Ground beef and split them into 1 pound Zipbags. Just make sure that you use a rollingpin on them to flatten them, and get the air out. Once flat, you can stick them in wherever they fit, or stack them flat till frozen, then move them into the door.

Anonymous said...

I use storage containers that are square or rectangular, as they can be packed in and stacked more space-efficiently than round containers. Also, I try to purchase fruits and vegetables that can be left out in a bowl on the counter, leaving valuable fridge space for more perishable items.

Anonymous said...

We brown our hamburger when we get it, cool in the fridge, then put in Ziplocks to stack in the freezer. Takes up very little room and makes a quick easy dinner.

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