Friday, January 16, 2009

Sewer extension dilemma solved

RV plumbing is a BIG issue to most RVers. Many travel trailers and 5th wheels have two separate gray water dump valves. Usually one gray tank drains into an exit drain pipe shared with the black water tank, while the additional gray water drain is located elsewhere.

This type of arrangement makes it easier for the RV manufacturer but harder for the end user. If you own a rig like this you need to figure out how to link the two drain pipes externally.

RV stores sell “Y” adaptors for this purpose. You can also purchase connectors to assist you with this project.John Hass from Glen Arm, Maryland is an avid Rver.Here is a photo of his Coachmen travel trailer with two separate dump valves, one forward of the wheels and one aft.John opted to make his own “Y” connector using a standard stick house black pipe “Y” connected to an RV male coupler. He used flashing, caulking and hose clamps to fashion this homemade adaptor.Since the location of the sewer hole varies from park to park, John decided to make one end of his hose shorter. Whether the sewer dump hole is forward or aft of his tires he can simply swap the position of the hoses to accommodate the situation.Helping you stay connected – Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing


Mike Goad said...

Our little Class C has a little different setup with 2 dump connections. There's one for the black tank and one for the gray tank.

I like your "Y" connection solution, but it won't work for me. When I'm ready to dump, I dump the black first and then move the hose to the gray tank so that the dump water from it will flush most of the remnants of the stuff from the black tank. I wouldn't be able to do that using the "Y."

Mike Goad (currently at home in semi-frigid Arkansas)
Haw Creek Out 'n About

RoadScribe said...

I am base camped in NM mountain park that encourages you to water the plants on your site with gray water, and sometimes I save my gray to flush my sewage hose after a dump since I don't keep mine connected due to weather conditions deteriorating the hose along with the chickens that think my sewage hose is a roost.
Wonder it they make a Y connector with a valve to give you that option.

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