Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rethinking RV Countertop Space

Space is critical in recreational vehicles and every square foot must be carefully engineered for comfort and functionality. Meal preparation, cooking and clean-up are much easier if you have adequate countertop space. Many RV manufacturers have employed the “fold-down counter extension” in their models, but the problem is they don’t always remain level and you can’t put much weight on them. The kitchen "island" has become a popular addition to RV floor plans, but they take up too much space. Tiffin Motorhomes is using this very functional roll out cabinet design. I like this design because it gives you a great deal more countertop space when you need it and retracts back into the cabinet when you’re finished using it. I love this idea because in my world flat spaces tend to collect more junk. This system won't allow you to collect junk for long because you have to stow it when you travel. I would also like to see this concept used in desks and bathroom cabinets. Another less expensive way to give yourself more countertop space is to use a stove-top cover. These can be the folding metal type or a wood top that also doubles as a cutting board. We’ve had both of these types of stove-top covers and liked them both. The folding metal type looks better, but the wood top is more functional. Helping you find more working surfaces in your RV - Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing


Linda Leach said...

I went to a company that does Corian countertops for houses and asked them to make me a custom piece for the top of my stove measurements. They let me look at the colors and I found one that closely matched my RV Corian. Since it was a scrap, they only charged me $30 to cut it and now I have a custom countertop addition!

Beth&Leo said...

"This system won't allow you to collect junk for long because you have to stow it when you travel."

Somehow, we manage to collect junk on flat spaces, in corners and crevices and we have managed to find a way to tie it down and not stow it in strange and unusual places. Every time we stow, we find that we may now find it for some time. Of course surprises are nice. We often find stuff when we are looking for something else.


Ken Sims said...

I use some non-slip shelf/drawer liner between my stove top and cutting board. It keeps it in place perfectly!

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